Joan Chestnut and Pauline MacMillan opened Braidwood Massage Therapy and welcomed their first patients in 1995 at the Braidwood Centre (hence the name). They shared the space with an audiologist. Sometime they would hear through the wall our lovely receptionist, Fay carrying on a shouted conversation with people needing hearing aids. Those were the days of 20 minute appointments, when Medical Services Plan paid for all or a portion of treatments, so most people weren't coming in for relaxation.

Pauline retired in 1996 and Peggy Johnson bought in to the clinic. Joan and Peggy joined Dr. Gerard Bozman, D.C. in a clinic on 6th street in 1997. Dr. B's wife, Sharon, was our overqualified (an RN) and extremely appreciated receptionist.

Circumstances luckily forced Joan and Peggy to move their clinic to its present location at 519D 5th Street (beside another audiologist) in September 1998, joined by Alison Trautman and Denise Koroll. Three months later Janet Butler was welcomed to join their practice. For a short while, people could make reflexology appointments with Nancy Birchall.

braidwood massage Comox Valley

That opened up a space for Leyah Kelly to fill.  She made herself at home and will probably remain there till Braidwood closes its doors forever, in the year 2098, pictures of her great, great, great, great grandkids adorning her desk.  Heather and Norm offered their expertise to patients for 3 years, before moving on to new experiences in 2005.

Denise departed in December 2012.  She now practices in Vancouver, Victoria, and Comox Valley giving in-home treatments. Linda Fuerniss and Pipo Damiano joined the clinic in 2012, and we were one big happy family, until June 30, 2017, when we said a surprise farewell to Leyah.  Good luck on Denman Island.