Braidwood Massage Therapy

About Us 

4 Registered Massage Therapists: 

Owned and operated by Peggy Johnson, Janet Butler, Linda Fuerniss and Pipo Damiano.  

We use a number of different techniques such as Swedish, Fascial Release, Cranial Sacral, Muscle Energy, and Somatics.



 9 am to 9 pm                                                  

7 Days a week                                         FEES: 

Call for appointment                                      30 minutes            $55.00        MSP Rates:  30 minutes     $30.00

                                                                  45 minutes              75.00                             45 minutes       50.00

                                                                  60 minutes              95.00                             60 minutes       70.00

                                                                  90 minutes            145.00 


              Pay by Cash or Cheque (no debit or credit). Online booking pending.


   English, French, Italian, Spanish spoken

For anything other than English ask for Pipo.

519D 5th Street, Courtenay, B.C. | (250) 338 - 8556

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